Monday, March 7, 2011

Gonzo's Mexican Grill

Gonzo's Mexican Grill is located in Franklin Square, NY. Thier buffalo burrito is a large burrito filled with breaded chicken breast tossed in thier Gonzo's sauce with rice, blue cheese, and hot sauce. The buffalo burrito always comes with tortilla chips on the side. They have a salsa bar where you can get pico de gallo and other sauces for your food. They also have many other Mexican foods such as quesadillas, Mexican salads, and wraps. The enviornment in Gonzo's is very welcoming. You feel as if you are at home.Gonzo's Mexican grill is relatively cheap with delicious food. For lunch or dinner, I would definitly suggest trying Gonzos.

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  1. Ah. This is making me hungry. Franklin Square's a convenient location as well and a salsa bar is definitely a plus. --Ken