Monday, April 25, 2011


This weekend i tried a hybrid of two of my favorite foods in the world, bacon and shrimp.  I went to an all you can in buffet in Far Rockaway, Queens and this appetizer was delicious.  The shrimp was boiled perfectly and the bacon was fried to a tasty crisp.  This dish is very easy to make as well.  You will need as much shrimp and bacon as desired and tooth pics or bamboo sticks.  First you take out the veins in the shrimp, peel them, and wash them.  The you cut each slice of bacon into the even pieces and wrap the bacon around the shrimp.  Insert the stick into the bacon and shrimp so that the bacon will not unravel.  Season if desired, then you steam oil and deep fry until it comes to a crisp. 


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